Orthodontic treatment falls under the category of preventative dentistry – the aim of treatment is to correct teeth, and in some cases jaw position, to allow normal functional bite relationships, which will ultimately improve your child’s oral and general health.

children-reduced EARLY TREATMENT

Early assessment is recommended and ideal around ages 7-9. By examining your child’s teeth, as well as their gums, we can gain an indication of your child’s future dental development. Booking an early orthodontic assessment appointment can be extremely beneficial for your child as this meeting has the potential to:

  • Guide adult teeth into their correct positioning.
  • Assess for any missing adult teeth or extra teeth.
  • Address the development of damaging dental habits e.g. thumb sucking.
  • To assess growth and development which may have a bearing on improving your child’s airways/breathing and or speech.
  • Simplify later orthodontic treatments.

Timing is important, taking into account what is in the best interests of the patient long-term. Early orthodontic assessment and  treatment is indicated in some situations but not all.

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